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Decorating Department

Decorating Department


We stock a range of Dulux paints from as small as 750ml to as big as 7.5 Litre. Dulux is a tried and trusted brand with a long history of dealing with independent retailers like us, and as our customers like the results we keep it all year round.

We also stock a range of Berger paints including top selling coloured emulsions, and a range of other coatings from them which offer a value alternative.

For external walls we keep Dulux Weathershield in season.

For external woodwork [and interior] we have smaller tins of Ronseal 10 Year Weatherproof all year round.

At Kennedy’s Mica we know how important using the right paint for the right job is, so our stock includes a range of speciality paints including Hammerite for metal (paint direct onto the rust!), Spraypaints for indoor use and Thompsons Damp Seal for moisture related wall issues and speciality radiator paints.


Paste tables, paste from Solvite, paste and wallpaper brushes

Our wood care range is from the Ronseal range of products. We stock their shed and fence treatments (as well as Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care) plus the relatively new Ronseal Woodland Colours range to give your garden a brighter more personal touch. On top of this we keep heavy duty products such as Creocote for the traditional approach to woodcare.

At Kennedy’s we really do keep a big range of woodcare products in stock, for example on our shelves you will find Wood Stains, Varnishes, decking treatment products and external wood paints on top of everything else already mentioned above.

Tools & Sundries

It’s important to get the right tool for the job, especially when it comes to using particular coatings products as the wrong tool (or brush!) can produce very different results to another.

Thats why instore you can find:

  • A range of paint brushes for all surfaces & coatings
  • A selection of rollers & trays
  • Tapes for all surfaces
  • Fillers for wood masonry and interior walls
  • Sealants, adhesives including Loctite Superglue, grouts and more
  • Mortar & plaster
  • Wallpaper paste and pasting brushes
  • Paint strippers (chemical and tool)
  • Wood restorers
  • Sponges clothes and much much more!
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