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We aim to offer you the best, to make your garden look its best. For the flowerbeds, vegatable patch, lawns and fencing.

The Vegetable Patch & Flower Bed

Seeds - Country Value Seeds from Mr Fothergill, at 89p per packet will add the final touch to your garden.

Garden Chemicals - are supplied by the Scotts Miracle Gro company, Bayer Phostrogen, Jeyes and more. These includes top named products such as Pathclear, Weedol, Patch magic, Evergreen complete & Verdone.

Garden hand tools - we stock forks [digging and border], spades & rakes [garden and lawn], shears [hedge & lawn], secateurs & loppers.

Garden compost - Multi Purpose compost is stocked in 10 litre, 20 litre, 40 litre and 70 litre bags, alongside 28 litre Grow Bags, and 75 litre Decorative Bark and of course Ericaceous compost – are all available for local delivery.

Your Lawn

We stock Seed from DLF Trefolium and Johnsons Tuffgrass Lawn Seed, and General Purpose Lawn Seed in 500grm and Patch Pack sizes. You can maintain your lucious lawn with Evergreen complete 4in1. We can order in Lawn mowers and keep lawn shears and edging shears in stock all year round.

Garden power tools - At Kennedy’s Mica we stock range of mower and strimmer spares from ALM to look after your spares needs.

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