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Calor Gas Stockist

Calor Gas Stockist

Back-Up Plan

The risk of a power cut at just the wrong time, and spiralling electricity prices are a constant issue for consumers these days. Having a backup plan is always a good idea, and a Gas heater is always a good option for when the temperatures get low. We are a preferred supplier of Calor Gas to the public and local trade, and we can offer you gas bottle exchange at great prices.

Remember Calor Gas bottles are also great for gas barbeques, caravanning, or even if you don’t want to heat your own home and just want to heat you living room!

Calor Gas Price List

Prices correct January 2016, please check before travelling for current prices.

  • Butane gas [blue]
    4.5Kg £17.65 - 7Kg £24.00 - 15Kg £38.00

  • Propane Gas [Red]
    3.9Kg £16.55 - 6Kg £21.85 - 13Kg £29.75 - 19Kg £39.00

  • Patio Gas [green]
    5Kg £22.00 - 13Kg £32.00
  • We also have instock:

Camping Gaz 907 £34.99

There is a local delivery service available on bottled gas, please get in touch for more details.

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