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We can provide a range of products for every aspect of your home....


We stock a wide range of saucepans, frying pans and baking trays. We keep cheap value options as well as higher spec for the more discerning potential chef! We also do rentals on number cake tins, great for making the perfect birthday or anniversary cake.


Kitchen tools include everyday items including tin openers, cheese graters, scissors, and knives.

Small appliances

We stock a good range of kettles (electric, cordless and whistling), toasters and irons in a range of styles and colours. We also keep hand and stick mixers in stock plus we can order in a range of more speciality kitchen equipment.


Household & Electrical

Our Household & electrical range is very wide. It includes clocks, handheld radio/stereos, remote controls (including sky+), calculators, earphones and much more.

Essentials - Lamps and Batteries

We are you first choice for light bulbs - but which do you need?

  • BC - ES - SBC - SES - G9 - GU10 - R7 - MR16, Compact fluorescent lamps ?
  • GLS, Spotlamps, Halogen lamps, Cooker hood lamps, Candle lamps, Fridge lamps, Pygmy lamps ?
  • G24q-2, T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes from 6 inch to 6 foot, 2D, Circular, Dimmable compact fluorescent lamps?

We’ve got them all, and a few others on top! If you’re not sure what you need one of our staff will be happy to help.


We can supply and fit watch batteries, and we also stock all types of batteries including your everyday AA, AAA, C, D and 9V batteries as well as button styled batteries of all shapes and sizes. As well as this we sell car key batteries and as part of our customer service, we will install them for you as well.

There is a battery recycling box at the front of the shop.



Cleaning & Plastics


We keep a wide range of plasticwares including:

  • Dish drainers & draw tidies
  • Washing up bowls (in a range of colours)
  • Waste & recycling bins
  • Mop buckets

Alongside this we keep a range of mops and mop heads replacements in stock all year round.


We are a major stockist of HG Specialist Cleaning products, there’s a product to suit your every cleaning (and restoring) need! We also keep other general cleaning and restoration products in stock.

We also keep a range of vacuum bags and spares for when your existing fittings need replacing.

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